You Never Thought Toothpaste Could Dry Out Acne?

I’m just kidding about the title. I’m pretty sure most people, if they have not tried it out themselves yet have heard from others. When your acn cram runs out or for acne emergencies, toothpaste could be your best friend. But normally, w try it, you know, apply it on top of our bumps and just hope it does the trick without really knowing how. Based on experience, it really does dry out pimples. But would it make it go away? Well, now you will find out. Aside from this post, you should also check out this site to know some insider tips on how to treat acne.

Toothpastes may actually have baking soda and other chemicals in them that could dry out and would seem to reduce redness and swelling of your pimples. The thing is if you have a big day tomorrow and you don’t have any reliable acne products on hand, try putting on toothpaste and it will surely be something you won’t regret doing.

There is a downside to this though. Skin experts actually do not recommend applying toothpaste on your zit. It is because tests have been conducted (using many different brands) and these tests have shown that other ingredients such as coloring and the derivatives of mint can cause allergic reactions. I say you can still use a dab of toothpaste for emergencies. If there’s going to be an event you need to go to and the likelihood of photo opportunities is humongous, do not be afraid. You should only be worried if you have hypersensitive skin. Just make sure to use white toothpaste as it contains more baking soda and less artificial coloring.

Ice would be another wonderful and easy to find solution to show off zit. It is natural and effective and would work best on acne emergencies. It would all be about your time constraints. If you have more time before the big day, you can try more effective treatments. For more natural home remedies, egg whites are good bump busters too. But of course, you can always drop by your nearest drugstore for the ever-effective benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

So, there you have it – toothpaste and ice. They surely are pinch-hitters!

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